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    BY-80P block packing machine

    2018/12/21 11:21:13

    Main technical performance:
    Packaging form; Back seal (back middle seal)
    Bag-making length: 40-160 (mm)
    Bag-making width: 40-100 (mm)
    Measuring range: 1-100 pieces/bag (according to the package)
    Packing speed: 40-60 packages/min
    Total power: 1200W
    Machine weight: 260kg
    External size: L 1700 X W 600 X H 1600 (mm)
    Applicable packing material: polypaper/aluminum foil/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene
    Performance characteristics:
    The machine is compact, firm, reasonable and simple in design.
    PLC computer control system, reliable and stable performance, automatic stop fault alarm, self-diagnosis, safe and simple to use.
    Accurate electronic eye tracking of packaging film color standard ensures perfect icon pattern.
    After manual feeding to the circulating stainless steel hopper, automatic filling, bag-making, date printing to the product output.
    Stepless speed adjustment and bag length, packaging speed and bag length can be stepless adjustment within the rated range, no replacement parts are required.
    The design adopts unique embedded sealing, enhanced thermal sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature control device temperature control, with good thermal balance to adapt to various packaging materials, good performance, low noise, clear sealing lines, strong sealing.
    Automatically accumulates the number of finished products to be packed, or sets the number to be packed, saving time and effort.

    Scope of application:
    It is suitable for the irregular packing of traditional Chinese medicine factory, electric appliance, lighting and hardware decoration products.

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